Wood Veneer with PU coating

Wed 11/02/2015 | 01:37 GMT+7

Veneer is wood, but was shelled natural trees from the thin veneer thickness, from 1Rem to 2 cm is more of a natural tree, if lang thin out then a lot of wood veneer.

If the thick trees 300 mm wide and 200 mm long 2500mm will lang out of about 1500-veneer, as the 3,000 m 2 types of shrinkage after being shelled, are glued to veneer core industrial wood types such as MDF, wood planks, wood paste figer, wooden chips, to make the Interior product. Due to the natural trees from lang should veneer surface no different natural wood.
These years, wood was gradually cạt masterpieces by the exploitation of human devastation, other products began to appear and replace natural wood perfectly, all the more striking that Veneer is wood and natural veneer, so different as to how?

The advantage of the wood Veneer: reasonably inexpensive, a natural tree when lang into veneer can produce a lot of tables and chairs. wood veneer resists warping, termites and bright (by selected wood) can pair decorated Van Van Van along the horizontal, diagonal, island, van, can run only to sink, custom type ... that retains the beauty and modernity. If using wood-reinforced Finger (i.e. wood core meat however was sawn out from the tree's young graft knitting cross hands (finger-finger) to create the length, width.) then the veneer back turned into natural wood completely and very durable, beautiful, definitely a cheap

Cons: because the core wood veneer is wood industry should not tolerate water veneer, prone to cleft, if move much when took up the finished products then or is damaged, the rift, so many users are veneer however is in but where year round not been water spill into and, at least to move. In countries such as Europe, the Americas, or a few modern countries in Asia, the use of wood veneer on furniture products built there were from 30 to 40 years ago, when they were conscious on depleted forests, they find that there are many veneer advantages which again saved their Habitat landslides, and the warming of the earth should they switch to use much, so why are we not follow them, we should not ruin our living environment itself. Capture with tastes of the market in the 21st century


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