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Wed 14/12/2016 | 09:11 GMT+7

The layout of the workplace at the correct azimuth leadership will help bring good good impact on the job as well as helping the company grows

Position of leadership office centrally located office or office is the best. If the business establishment, the owner's desk should be placed on the first floor. Also, when the workbench layout of leaders need to pay attention to some factors below. 

Desk of Statistics leadership is not directly opposite to the entrance to avoid being the influence of ambient noise and people walking snooping. Doing so prevents "murderous", is very beneficial for the operator. 

Sitting behind the leader must be "prop" as walls. The distance between the back of the person sitting with the wall is not too large. Do the same to add confidence to the leadership, to avoid feeling empty. 

If the room has windows, the work window is not in a position opposite to the symbols are not "healthy", such as chimneys, ... Best electric pole while looking through the window is found around the vast, lush garden trees, blue mountain ... Outside of the office window vieccung there should be no way through. 

Desks should be located in the right corner of the doors to reduce noise interference and no outsiders look looking, exploration.

kê bàn làm việc của lãnh đạo

No Statistics leadership desk in the middle of the room, because too far behind walls, do not 
have the "prop". Illustration. 

Do not write your table layout shown leadership in facing the door and working while sitting with his back to the door. According to the concept of feng shui, the door is just loaded vitality stomata also loaded murderous. If they had their backs to the door behind no "prop", will often see the spine chills as murderous. 

Also, the noise from the outside pass in will stimulate the spine, causing the restless brain. A leader who is sitting in this position will always be in a state of stress, the mind will disorders, easy to make mistakes when making decisions. 

Should put a desk on the right doors, a work desk with doors slightly together and separated by a distance. If too close doors, Work will be sitting murderous harassment, reduced performance leadership, not those that are causing disease. 

Not so arranged that following the desk with a window seat. If this inventory by location, people will stop sitting way of the wind and the light, in the words of feng shui is to block the flow of air, turn into murderous vitality, working people sitting in this position, before then was decadent. 

Do not sit in his office room with windows that pass. The window is also where the load of air and gas monitoring. If too near the road, the space will be more riders footsteps, laughter, voices, voice grievances ... are killing it with the concept of feng shui, are detrimental to the operation and career the people working there. If for any reason that customers must be given a desk here, it is necessary to cover fitting curtain. 

Do not list the desk of the leader in the middle of the room, as far back wall, there will not be "prop", the leader will be isolated. 

Finally, to apply the formula "one taste, subtle direction." You are sitting working positions, must be located in one of the four azimuth good supply at par of the leader (working good sitting position is calculated in comparison with the central office). Next is oriented, working, sitting face of the leader must look good on one of four directions at par its supply. 

Working people sitting next to get better, the new vitality in running clear. To achieve that, on the desk to put the globe quartz feng shui in azimuth Northeast or Southwest in azimuth (relative to the center of the desk) to increase job enthusiasm and sanity for the leader. 

In addition, the office also need to avoid places or taboo such as houses, pagodas, temples or the graveyard, hospitals, jails, courts because that is where many negative atmosphere, plaintive air, gas disease , unfavorable for the leader.

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