The good Feng Shui symbol in the Office

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The mountain-the symbol of the support

In the Office, you should not sit turned out the door because the sitting position like that will attract the fraud and betrayal that should sit in position behind the back support. For example, if your Office in a high-rise building, around the lower House only the best, then you should not sit turned out the window, because the back is just an empty space, the lack of strong support for the work and career

bieu tuong cua nui Những biểu tượng phong thủy tốt trong văn phòng


You can choose to sit out with unconcerned condition opposite to the door is a high rise building, or should hang behind a painting rather large mountain images such as fulcrum, cover and protect you. Should not choose the picture sharp peaks craggy mountains because the mountains symbolize the Fire Act, this does not bring good sense. The best mountain shape is almost identical to the mai. If your Office has the Mountains surround the Select location to mount became the place to stand behind you. Not sit opposite the mountain, whether it is your best gas direction. The reason was the confronted with mountains, you will always overcome. The major formation, such as the mountain always occupy the position of preference in the formulas of Feng Shui compass.

Turtles-the symbol of longevity

Turtles are considered sacred animals bring more bodes and the loc. Turtle is also the symbol of longevity. People are entitled to benefit from the existence of the turtles. In addition, the turtles also was protected in the North, is the direction your loc theme. So, please hang a painting turtle in Office work.

 bieu tuong rua trong phong thuy Những biểu tượng phong thủy tốt trong văn phòng


If the Office is quite extensive, you should put a turtle Aquarium on the northern corner (not necessary to feed more). In the bowl of Monster map, the North carries no. 1, like a turtle gets better two or more children. You can activate the action cards and put this animal symbol in the North to the bodes and the large fortunes. This is an exceptional case, because although the North according to your hell is bad, but if you feed the turtles here, it still gives you many good things. Tortoise icons are very strong, far beyond all other symbol in Feng Shui school shape.

Water-the icon of an loc

Find a beautiful painting of river hanging in front of your face in the Office, and if you're sitting direction is North, East or South-East, it will bring a lot of fortunes and LOC for you.

But if the position you sit back on one of the three that don't hang paintings. Remember, water is the knife blade and only works if you use the right Max.

tranh anh canh song bien Những biểu tượng phong thủy tốt trong văn phòng


Mountain Scene no better country with water and mountain views. If the mountain in the distance, the picture also acceptable. But if the big mountain in front, it certainly makes sense not good (it symbolizes the obstacles, hinder progress in your job). If you use the symbol of water, use small icons, or with water, but not flooded everything. Also, the picture has more photos at full sail a boat coming toward you, it will be a great symbol for luck and fortune.

Red Phoenix-symbol of power and strength

The South is the refuge of the Red Phoenix, symbolizing power and strength to overcome all adversity. The Phoenix icon also brings great opportunities, it should be used to enable good energy in the South, the vibrant region of space (because the South in Fire Administration) this will bring more opportunities and luck that you cannot believe.

However, images, icons, drawings of imaginary birds are quite rare. So, you can use the other birds have red fur stands as Phoenix, Swan, Rooster, the Whooping Crane, Flamingo, ... also provide the same meaning.

bieu tuong phuong hoang Những biểu tượng phong thủy tốt trong văn phòng


In addition to Phoenix, icon pictures push the Eagle is also a good symbol, symbol for success. Eagle image is also related to the strength and power. If it is, make Eagle image gallery are tung wing or parked on tree branches. Absolutely do not use Eagle images unleashed fierce, and claws are iridescent ravenous ...

In Feng Shui, the display of icons made of ceramic or Crystal about birds is told on the southern corner, on the table or in the Cabinet, also brings the meaning very well, especially your career will be promotion, facilitation and achieving great success.

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