How to have a working office space ideal

Wed 14/12/2016 | 11:17 GMT+7

Certainly none of us also enjoy working in an office, cool, neat and comfortable furniture. Interior design if you make a refreshing work environment, will bring high efficiency at work. 

When designing the office, the desk - so the cardboard chairs together and be based on the nature of the company that has stylish design suitable office furniture. For example, if the company is active in the fields of art, fashion style, the interior youthful need modern materials, refreshment. The office design luxury nature as embassies, government offices, the style comes a variety of materials commonly used wood, carpet ... to decorate the office accordingly.

Easy to see that the current Office furniture usually pragmatic. Contact information system and internal communication needs to be installed to each desktop. Lighting system, the employee's personal equipment is arranged so that each area used most effectively and still create the tidy.

When designing office furniture need attention to the position of each person to the layout so that they communicate with each other. For example the Chief needs to work in a fairly quiet location to be able to Exchange private customers or employees with broad capabilities, but the sight of the room. The area of printer, copier, the need to stay in where people can reach easily and less noisy. Cabinet documents are also similar.

Need to pay attention to the ventilation in Office design

The ventilation in the Office is very important because of the density of people sitting to work normally. Calculated according to the rules for creating a comfortable working environment and ensure employee health. Standard density for Ho Chi Minh City office furniture design should range from 0.8 to 1.2 meters a person. About color, should limit use bold colors because the room will easily distract the eye. The Office is often a lot of belongings, documents should be in need of ventilation. Only the seating space or the VIP area should use the new strong tones, have accents create the impression for the space. If the paint color too strong in the workplace easy to induce the feeling of pressing when sitting in the long room. About the shape, contours, sophisticated decor should limit the type of housing.

For business, the Office is not only work but also where expresses both magnitude and corporate culture. Some note on, we hope to help you create your ideal Office yourself. If there are questions that need answers, do not hesitate to contact us, we are always ready to listen and answer to you the fastest.


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