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In the design of modern office furniture, in addition to the main room as functional work areas, meeting facilities, discussion areas, ... then relax for employees increasingly are focused. With the motto of creating a comfortable work space and dynamic working environment for its employees, many companies have invested own design relax impressive space. Along reference designs polar zones relax following materials to better understand the functional importance of this room at some companies

1. Nokia design by Gensler 
Relax-area Office of Nokia was the Interior Designer uses delicate colors to highlight each for each space. Typically can see the 2 main areas with bold red colours and fresh green colors are used in a harmonized way and train a separate dynamic for this message






2. Prudential designed by ADT Decor 
motto always need space to increase the interaction and communication between the staff listened to relax zone office designed Prudential intermingled in the employee's work. Design with bold creativity with two pillars engraved with the name brand and the bright colors from the sofa to help this region become active facilitate the free exchange of staff over.




3. designed by Gensler Airbnb 
Airbnb is a company specialized in the business of renting, tourist, real estate via the internet so that they have invested in turning his space as relax zone in the interiors of several rooms that they have for rent. The dominant design is the simulation zone relax as the luxurious space of living room features.






4. Iconic design by ADT Decor 
Iconic is an intermediary company that specializes in providing personnel for the biggest companies. For the relax of a company focused on the importance of HR as the Iconic design ideas, has shown the connection through wooden frames and stretches throughout along with tree communing development on a background of green brands. Relax zone of Iconic also looks more youthful with the stylized furniture style and harmony of color, all of which provide a relaxed feeling to the staff of the company.




5. Evernote designed by O + A 
Interior Design for Evernote is focused in part to uplift secretly working groups, interaction among employees so relax area of the company is designed to create a space opening with wood accents are used alternately in each interior items such as double staircase, table, chair, stool, ....






6. Dropbox designed by Geremia 
Relax zone of corporate office Dropbox is designed in luxurious style with the material from Black Walnut wood, copper plating combined with stylish sofa ranges and impressive ceiling. With this design, the staff will escape as Dropbox was stressful work environment and are enjoying the resort in a superior Hotel space.




Each one carries a relax area own beauty and culture of each company towards that but all meet the essential needs is to create a truly relaxing space, true relaxation for your employees, if you must consider the level of respect of how employees of a company have to say considering relax area office that the company has invested in its employees. 

If you've "missed" love the trendy style, come to us for yourself to experience and enjoy the stylish design. We are ready to bring your space the exquisite interior design, creative and most fashionable


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