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This day the horse race idea among major companies around the world are becoming more violent place. So how do your employees maximize creativity for the company? There are many ways, but one of the ways is to create a comfortable working environment, comfortable, beautiful, creative.

This article selects 15 Office work extremely impressive design of the companies in the world. Expect that we will see more work "monumental" like this in Vietnam.

Google Zurich

Sure you have seen many times the offices of Google. Office design is very playful, more specially decorated rooms to staff can do their job well. It has a games room for recreation and exercise.



Yahoo Barcelona

Yahoo has many offices around the world. Office work here in Barcelona, Spain. The Office is in the same style with the style of Yahoo's Office design around the world, focusing on the fun and creative. This can be seen on the art as paintings put on the wall.




Unless you live in a stone cave in the new year, you heard about Twitter. The company was growing extremely fast in the last time and moved to a new Office. This Office looks clean, simple. You will find a lot of the days of Twitter with their Office, such as birds or letters @.




TBWA Hakuhodo

TBWA Hakuhodo is a Japanese advertising company. This wonderful office was designed by Klein Dytham Architects. Designed with the aim of creating a natural space such as working outdoors, with trees and grass.


Selgas Cano Architecture

Architecture firm Selgas Cano, was designed by Iwan Baan, causing you to become a part of nature. Part of the Office in the ground, the upper part is the large window box, you work under the green canopy. A peaceful setting, full of creativity, excellent.



Red Bull London

This is one of the very interesting Office. Especially by smooth style is made by these slides with Carbon Fiber. 3 excellent Office Floor of Red Bull ' was designed by Jump Studios, a graphic designer from London, England.



A name so familiar with 3D animation film genre with classics such as Toy Story, Finding Nemo, Wall-E and The Incredibles. But you have to know where their work? This is the Office and arrange painted by the painter from Pixar Animation Studio. You can work in the creative space or new gaming game kicking ping-pong (ping-pong) or ... go swimming.

Pallotta Teamworks

Pallotta Teamwords proposed design company Clive Wikinson created a new Office style. And this is what they want. This Office was designed by the container (container) lined up together. The container was designed more to create interesting for work.


White Mountain Office

This Office makes us remember the bunker (the fortified tunnels) of the atomic plant 1 in the movie Terminator 3.

JWT New York

JWT is one of the oldest advertising agency in the world. The Office of this company are designed to contain 900 people in 5 floors. This Office reflecting business industry that JWT are doing, identify the brand. It was designed by Clive Wikinson design company.



Hyves.net is one popular social network in the Netherlands. As FaceBook's Office, the Office is where all working together. Only other thing is the use of bright color tone Hyves.



The new offices of Facebook focuses on what people here want. A lot of "neighbor" is created makes the parts have a unique style. People here also are encouraged to draw on the wall, hanging the works or display any furniture would like.


Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Slovenia

This is probably the most "green" Office can. You like working in a glass plant built.


Bastard Store and Office

Shop, Office Bastar like heaven for people passionate about skateboard (skateboarding). It is really the combination of the slider background and and Office design. Employees must be here to relax by skaters.



15th office we like to introduce here is the NCT company offices, with the site that many of you listening music know Nhaccuatui.com. Although this design something some ideas from Pixar with the houses of wood, warm golden light. The Vietnam company interested in the working environment of employees like NCT are very respectable.

Hope inspiration from the above Office makes the bosses of enterprises in Vietnam are interested in upgrading their Office. It has just increased the overall dedication of each employee to the company, has just proven entrepreneur is very interested in each of his employees.

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